Monday, January 29, 2007

Week 5 madness!

Week five! Another week gone by! This past weekend was a write off sadly to say. Friday I drank...and drink I sure did. When Dave and I got home from a friends birthday party we made a pizza. I had a slice or two I have no idea because I was WAYY drunk. So Saturday comes along and I'm feeling pretty haggard but I suck it up take a shower and get ready for a Scrapbooking party that I was having at 2Pm.

Not so bad you say... Weelll a lot of the girls brought snacks for the party and by this time I was hungry so periodically through the day I'd sneak a handful of chips here, a cookie there. Once everyone left tried to stash it all for Dave but not before I stole a few more bites! eeakk!! I also had so much juice because I was dehydrated from the night before and didn't feel like h2o... egh so I'm not done yet...That night Dave's friend and his girlfriend came over and they made a special batch of brownies which I of course was made to have one because of a special ingredient. So after that sugar rush I crash out and then head to bed I was W-R-O-T-E O-F-F! hahaha

When I woke up the next day I felt rotten! I was wayyy too tired and haggard feeling to move, it was laziness to the extreme! hahah I seriously didn't do much Sunday and then went to bed at 7pm. No, I'm really not kidding. I just wanted the weekend of overeating be over! haha (this is exactly what I said to myself when I jumped into bed!)

So I thought about beating myself over a wasted weekend but I realized where the hell will that lead me? Only down a destructive path to more overeating. The more negative thoughts I get the less I want to eat healthy then I halt working out production and that’s when the vicious cycle starts of procrastination...SOOO I woke up this morning and set out to do a hearty walk on the treadmill. Typically today is rest day but I think I did enough of that this weekend, don’t you agree! haha I did the cardio and then called it a morning because I want to do a cardio/arms routine tonight right after work. I owe it to my body to burn off some extra calories I in took this past weekend....
SO that’s where I am right now. Overall things are progressing nicely. I still get discouraged here and there and want to just stop but then I think again WHY? What's this going to accomplish? Nothing but a muffin top and fat thighs! haha So I keep pushing on!!!!! I will make it!

jour•ney-noun, plural -neys, verb, -neyed, -ney•ing. 1. Passage or progress from one stage to another: the journey to success.

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