Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Welcome 2008!

Holy cow batman, months have passed winter is almost a distant memory. (Almost!) Here we are April 16th, 2008, a long time since my last post. A lot has happened in the fall/winter/spring weight wise. Sadly winter crucified me; I regained 20 fricken pounds in a few short months. See how easy it is for someone to fall back into old familiar habits? It's not just you! It happens to the best of us. I finally got up off my lazy ass last month and decided to kick this shit into high gear again. I joined a new gym called Nubodies in December but only went sporadically in the winter not focusing on the eating aspect until recently. Food is so important, I can't stress that enough. If you're like me and love a good slice of pizza or a bag of luscious chips, I hear your pain. People like us the carb lovers always go back to our comfort zone, especially in the dark corners of winter when all you really want to do is curl up on the couch, snuggle with some popcorn and chill.

Anyways, this past month I started going to classes again. What a saving grace, seriously. I'm one of those people that need a lot of coaxing to do exercise. If i go to the gym I love to get yelled at and told what to do, I know its hilarious isnt it. Grown woman needs drill sargent for weight loss. It's a complete change of the norm which i find way too boring to stay focused all year around. I don't have enough motivation to get to the gym to do a regular workout 4 days a week. So classes help. However sometimes i neglect my strengh training, luckily the instructors do some in class but not enough. So my goal this week is to muscle train more, I need to!

Some ladies at work are headin to my gym this week at lunch time to do some muscle training so i'm going as well to pump some iron baby! I have a step class tonight so it's the perfect mix! woo!

Alrighty, lots more to say but no time. So i'll write more later. Talk soon!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Holy Crap!!

Hey Hey Hey!!

So Ladies, I was finally able to find a before picture of myself! This was taken this past December when I was at my highest weight. This was the night that Dave proposed to me in front of the whole office. WOW-I can't believe that suit size was 15!! AND they we're too tight on me!! I remember us that day shopping at the mall for something to wear and I was so discouraged because NOTHING fit and everything was frumpy. I cried when I got home and was beyond mortified that I let myself gain 35 pounds in such a short amount of time! As I sit here in my size 28 jeans that are a bit too big I can look back at this picture and truly feel I've come a long way from January 1st! Self professed kudos here!!!


Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Welcome back to me!

I can't believe how long it's been since I wrote last! Summer has been so hetic and crazy that writing a blog seemed to be the last thing on my "to do" list. Facck! Oh well I'm back and hopefully I'll be ready to stay on the blog track... *crosses fingers* My friend Rosalie has started her very own blog as well on blogspot to track her journey! She'll be talking about her trials and tribulations with quitting smoking and entering the fitness realm after 5 years! Great undertaking! She's doing excellent-Good endurance!

So I'm sure you're all wondering how I've been doing?! It has been 2 months since I've updated. Weeellllll It was a rollercoaster these past few months but I'm still truckin along and am super glad at where I am now. Still sitting at 130-135 (depending on the week) I feel as though I've come a long way from my starting 160-165 mark, and that makes me estatic!! Dave loves my new confidence and self assurance, doesn't hurt in the bedroom either--hehe bowchickbowoowow!! ♥♥

I've recently tried a spinning class and WOW that shiz is so intense! I actually had to leave the class for 10 minutes and chucked up my cookies! haha Once I was good I went back to the class and finished off!! It's definitely something that will ship-shape me up! Right after spinfit I tried hydra circut in the water and that was SO much FUN!! Great underwater resistance!!! I recommend this for anyone with knee issues or back problems! Goooooood times!!!

So since I'm back I'll give you a picture update with me and my new bikini-WOW a bikini that I wear in public!!! This is a first for me.. seriously.. I still want to tone up and lose about 5-10 pounds but i'm not in any rush.. slow and steady now-It's all about maintaining!!!

We'll I'm off for now.. See ya all laterz!!--------

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Teetering on my Goal Weight!!

Shhhaaazam!!! Sooo It's June 5th and I'm almost there... well to me I'm there. Last week I was at 130 then a few days ago it was 132 then back to 130 and it goes on like this.. So congrats to me for making my goal just before summer! What a sweet sweet time! I don't think I've ever been active for 6 months straight. Wow, that in itself is a major accomplishment. For all of you who think it can't be done, I call your bluff!! Some of you may be just starting out with losing weight and some of you are still going strong with it. I encourage you all to read my earlier blogs and see the progress you can make in a few months!!

Now that I reached my goal I still see a great ring of "love" around my middle and trouble spots like my fricken "Oprah" arms.. egh! Sure sure stop complaining you say but hey I'm a girl, it's what I do best! haha So I'm going to be stepping up the weight training to tone the flab and get some definition in thur. Our beloved Monday night step class has been switched to flex and tone/Pilates so I'm actually pretty excited for this!! Since starting running I've neglected muscle toning and for me that’s probably more important at this stage than anything! NEVER NEVER think that you'll get HUGE if you weight train. This is a myth and woman’s bodies just aren’t capable of looking like that unless you take testosterone or steroids! You need weight resistance to get that HAWT toned look! I swear I wouldn't lie about a precious fact like this!!

So this past weekend I ran my first 5k run, I made it 4.5 outta 5 because on the 3rd K I had the craziest stitch in my side that I've never felt in my life so I had to stop for a half lap. Once I felt it disapear I got my second wind and finished the race off strong- third girl! 7th Place baby!! It was an amazing feeling to do it and for the cause. I'm definitely interested in keeping this a regular thing! Super fun! Here's a few pics of the ALS walk/run:

So this is all for today, we'll catch ya'll next blog!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A sad week to report :(

Wow! So did I ever have a bad last week.... I just seemed to have lost all the steam I was gaining and came to a real low. It was uber hard for me to get back on track but luckily I did yesterday; I'm back to my healthy eating and exercise regime.

It all started with a yummy Barbeque and spiraled from there. Drinks, shopsey 1/4 all beef hot dogs, more drinks and chips (Which I looove) salty beef jerky. Then to add on top of it all we have a bake sale at work and I of course have a grand ole time with that event! haha 50 dollars later I have lots of breads, pies and goodies.. Plus more but wow, I shall stop there its mildly depressing! *groan*

I literally was back to my old eating habits within hours of gorging down that friken hotdog! I never felt so defeated! I kept trying to pull myself out of it but couldn’t until yesterday. I know ALL of you have moments like this and some more often than not. That’s how I was for a complete year and a half; I couldn’t pull myself out of this destructive path! I'm not going to lie it takes a lot of energy to get yourself back up there but even after 1 workout and a day of good eating, I'm back on track again and I know you all can do it!!! I have faith!!!

So, I have to share with you an exciting new form of exercise I've been starting: Trampolining!! We have one of those huge ones that could entertain a kid (or kid at heart) for hours!!! We set it up last year but I was so bent out of shape I was like meh, exercise smerxersize and went on my merry way. WEEELLL was that a bad idea! Chris and Dave (thanks again boys) set it up this past weekend and yesterday I was on it for like 30 minutes and it was an amazing workout!!! I was so energized afterwards that I went inside and worked out my Biceps/Triceps on the Bowflex! Now this is something I can get used to eh!

Check out the amazing benefits it can do!!! Amazing read!!

Here's a blurb that made me want to stick with this:

Trampolining is a great holistic health giver, bringing both physical and
mental benefits to adults and children alike. In comparison to jogging, for
example, trampolining is more effective, faster: with a ten minute session
providing equivalent benefits to a half hour run, yet, says NASA, also being 68% more effective!

Like.. for real?? It was so fun I didn’t even mind being out there!!

So that’s all for today folks! Hope you enjoyed your weekend! Oh and don’t forget to Keep Fit and Have Fun!!! Hahah!

Friday, May 18, 2007


Well hello Friday! Best day of the week, prelude to the weekend! I keep hearing on the radio about this upcoming "long weekend" and see it in the newspapers but frrrrriiiiig it's not a long weekend for us at Infi... Damn them for rubbing it in my face!! Other than that sadness, it's been dreary weather wise and to me that’s dangerous. Why you ask? Weeelll it's because my mood reflects HEAVILY on the weather. If its crappy out, it's more than likely that'll I'll be brooding around the house looking forlornly out the window hummin and hawin. This kind of weather can really bring someone down!! For me if I can muster enough energy to get up on that treadmill, or don on a pair of sneakers and do some aerobics; then that’s a MAJOR triumph! Once I’m done I have this giddiness that I achieved something I never thought, I call it a major high! Then after than I can sit down and watch T.V with a smile on my face. Otherwise I'll sit there battling with myself all day/night over why I should exercise then lazily say why I shouldn’t but in the end once it's done its done. 30-60 minutes depending on your fitness level is all you need! That’s NOTHING when you break down your whole day! Ask yourself what really is the reason why you don’t want to work out... Being lazy never accomplishes anything and I had to learn that the hard way... Oh wait, I accomplished GAINING 30+ pounds.. BOO to that!!

So I was going to post a comparison pic but my friend has it on her pc at home and she keeps forgetting to send it *shakes fist* hahaha so I'll post this one here of my tummy. I see my abs are under there waiting to come out... hehe!

It doesn’t matter what size you start at and what size you want to get to, we all have one common goal. The hardest part is staying loyal to your plan but in the end it all pays off!! Just 5 months ago I was 30 pounds heavier and I had no energy, now I have more energy than the bunny himself!!! So I PROMISE if you’re true to yourself and stay on track you too will have a success story!!! I wish you ladies and perhaps some gentlemen all the luck!! If you have questions, comments leave me some lovin! I’d love to get interactive with you all. Share some of your stories too!! Or you can email me at

Later!!! As Joanne and Hal say, Keep Fit and HAVE FUN!!!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Still movin on at 134!

Hey Ladies!

Today is Wednesday, a non step day. haha that's how I classify my days now... It's sorta sad but good in a way I suppose. I like to encourage people to find something they love and stick with it. Whether it’s step, aerobics, walking, rollerblading... Anything that gets that heart rate up! Like I said in one of my previous blogs, if you actually like something you're more prone to stick with it! So get out your walking shoes or your bicycles and get movin! You'll never feel the same again!!!

So on a non exercise related note, I'm learning to drive standard and that's been a fun time. I don't stall the car which is great but I get really nervous sometimes and just go blank!! hahaha Overall I think I’m doing fantastic but it'll be awhile I think before I can go into the city and attack some of the hills.. At least we don't live in Saint John! Oh dear I think I’d die!!

I had my braces adjusted today and they're feeling a little bit tender. I don't mind the feeling because I know it's for the best, if they're sore it means they're moving and YAY to that statement! I have officially 9 months left but he said they could be off sooner if the progress keeps the way its going *crossing fingers* Today they took of the front 6 brackets and let me look at my naked teeth! haha it was SOOOOOO surreal and felt sooo coool!!! Just got me way more excited to finally get these buggers off!! Then they rebonded them back with SPEED brackets which will make em move even faster than the Damon3's I had on.WHEEE!!!

Well I don't have too much to say today. I'm going to do a comparison post tomorrow. I found a pic from last may that I laugh over... haha so look out for that tomorrow! Cya girls!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Food: The Good, Bad and Ugly!

Hey all! I told you I'd be back!! Tonight is class and we have 3 newcomers!! haha I love when we spread the addiction... otherwise known as Step Class! Whee! So today we have myself, Helena, Kate, Angie, Renee, Tara, Kara, Jess and her sister. Makes me so happy! haha no idea why but it's SO much FUN!

So today I said I'd talk about my "diet". Reason why it's in quotations is because calling anything a diet these days and you'll surely fail in your endeavors. If you consider it a life change or a new way of thinking then you're all set. It took me 2 years to not think of it as a diet. So its kind of a hard transition if you're stubborn like me. BUTTT once you get the hang of it day in and out it comes second nature. Experts say that losing weight is 80% diet and 20% exercise and I for one BELIEVE this VERY MUCH! I see first hand how eating clean can make the world of difference, exercise is just icing on the cake.

In a nutshell I try to eat very clean, follow the Canadian food guide as much as I can and drink 2-5 liters of water a day. Milk, tea and non sugary drinks are included in this. One HUGE tip I follow to a T is my sodium intake. SALT IS DEATH on your bod when you're trying to lose weight. I bet most of you don't realize how much salt you intake in the run of a day. One single Kraft cheese slice has 500mg of sodium!! My daily recommended intake is between 1500-2200mg. So if you factor everything you eat in a day that cheese slice is going to BLOAT your ass! haha I try to read labels as much as I can. I check for sodium, protein and saturated fats. High protein low saturates is amazing... Things to avoid are PROCESSED FOODS! This includes frozen dinners (they're traps-try and find LOW SODIUM ones) Lunch meats and processed meats are a no-no as well. Try getting lean cuts of meat like chicken, ground beef (extra or lean) turkey breasts..etc. Eggs and fish are also amazing to add for protein!

More tips include not eating anything after 7pm (especially carbs!), drinking green tea (this will help flush excess salts), eating the majority of your carb intake in the morning/mid afternoon. Try to eat 5-6 small meals a day calculating that to 300-400 calories per meal. Also try and have protein included in each meal. ALWAYS eat breakfast!!! I say this to everyone. It's where you get most of your day's energy.

Anyhow, I hope these tips have helped. If you plan your meals this also helps A LOT! I usually make a menu so i can stay on track better! Remember if you fall off the wagon don't kick yourself in the ass, it happens! Just cut 500 or so calories the next day and drink lots of water. Stay positive and know that you can do this!! I did it and I know that if I can do it ANYONE CAN... And I’m seriously not just saying that... I love CARBS like chips, breads, pizza, fries... BAD STUFF but i do allow a treat on weekends. DON'T DEPRIVE yourself or you'll get so hungry that you'll binge one day and cry about it the next.. haha ok ok so that’s what I do but it CAN be avoided!!! STAY POSITIVE!!!!! I can't stress that enough!!

Well I'm out, see you all tomorrow!!!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


jour·ney-noun, plural -neys, verb, -neyed, -ney·ing. 1.Passage or progress from one stage to another: the journey to success.

Ok wow... so... I'm back from a long hiatus and I must say I'm super sorry that I haven't written in months. Well basically I'm sure I lost all my followers because it HAS been so damn long. Why you ask? Well I guess it comes down to procrastination and being so damn busy with work. haha hey I'm being honest, that must count for something right? lol

Anyhow you must all be wondering (wait who am I kidding no ones reading this) how I am and how much I've been working on my goal... I'm pleased to tell you *drum roll please* I'm currently at 134 pounds!!! Can you fricken believe that!! 4 pounds to my goal!!! No seriously I can’t believe it either. Last time I weighed this was honestly before high school. Soo like 11 years ago. THAT’S INSANE!! 2 years ago I was at 137 and then I plateaued and quit because I was frustrated and too lazy to intensify my workout. See that’s the issue with me; I would hit a road block and give up almost instantly. I've now learned that if I fall off the wagon and have a juicy hamburger or some luscious chips that I don't have to feel like I ruined 4 months of training in 1 night. I just shrug it off and eat SUPER clean the next few days.

So you may be wondering how I shed 30 pounds already.. cause to some that in itself is a monumental task to undertake. The secret is......STEP CLASS... Well for me anyhow. Helena (my loyal gym bud-love her!) brought me to a class and from then on I was HOOKED! I seriously could write 49 million pages on how much I love this new form of exercise I’ve encountered. I actually crave working out now, and to me that’s like Chinese gibberish.. I never would have said that EVER before! LOL but now i look forward to Mondays and Thursdays just for the fact that I get 1 full hour of intense cardio and weight training without even thinking of it as a "chore". Once exercise becomes fun you want to do more and more and more. Because now we're taking on.... running! haha can you believe this?? We're training for a 5K that’s taking place this June, so next month! WOW! I'm up to 2K without stopping and it gets easier each time we run. I really love it! My goal is 10k by next year. I'm sure we can pull it off!! We'll be in tip top shape by then *fingers crossed*

Anyhow that’s the short version of what I've been doing lately. We still hit the gym between step class and my goal is to step up weight training because since step class, I’ve kind of slacked on that part. The gym can get boring if you've just gotten off a step class high! hahaha if that makes sense!!

That’s all for today, and I promise I'll write more! Now that I've bookmarked this and made a post it, I'll definitely keep up with my blogging.. I swear! Really.. come back and see!! hehe
More to come tomorrow!!! I'll talk about my "diet"

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Changin it up for week 10 and onwards!

So I'm currently on week 8 right now and well things are progressing... but slowly.. Lately I've been a tad unmotivated to work out at our place because well there's only 2 cardio machines and one of them looks like it was made in 1872 and the other is the stationary bike which doesn't give me much of an upperbody workout. SOoooOoo starting probably week 10 Dave and I are going head to the gym.. That's right, we're movin on up. Dave's friend Austin goes to Body FX a local bodybuilders gym and he's going to train with Dave. They trained a few years back and Dave was pretty beefy! haha I came home from Katimavik after not seeing him for 4 months and he was HUGE! Very Zexy! I'm either going to go there with my friend Helena or she and I are going to go to Gymnasia, a gym by work with lots of awesome equipment and a tanning bed.. Oh yes how I love to tan. I go maybe 1-2 months a year tops. Nothing extreme, just a little confidence booster if you ask me! mouahaha!

We did a few groceries last night and it was awesome. I got 5 of those Tuna Steaks I blogged about a few weeks ago and got a wicked deal on 36 bottles of water at Costco. Went to the Superstore and found these cottage cheese/fruit cups that have 15Grams of Protein in a small cup. Only 120 calories and 1.5 grams of fat!!! Talk about a healthy snack. Too bad the sodium levels were at 23% (daily total recommended). Not too bad but still a bit high. ah well man 15G's of protein counter balances that!!! haha

Well I'm still really busy with work so I'll leave it at that for today! See ya'll next blog!! Ciao~

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Week 8 has begun!

So week 8! Time certainly flies! I've been so so so busy with work that I really havent the time to keep a daily progress on this blog but I'm sure in a week or so work will quiet down again and I'll be back to my regular blogging addiction! haha

So last week was great I stepped up my cardio and I certainly feel a difference. OH AND I have FANTASTIC NEWS! I finally broke into the 140's. I'm currently at 147!!! Wahoo!! So starting weight:163 current weight:147 which is a total loss of 16 pounds!! WOWZA! I have 17 more to lose so I'm halfway there!!!

I've been through ups and downs, hi's and low's all over the map but one thing is for sure, I'm so so so so happy to be where I am now. Even at 147 I'm happy, fit and more confident. Once the summer comes I'll be able to shine through more.. oooh yes sun=greatness. I love the sun. So nice and so warm.. wheee I hope Spring comes soon!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day!!

Hey all!!

Sorry it's been so long since I wrote, we've had a lot going on lately and I've been far too busy to write. Last week we got a new addition to the house, an 8 week old male golden retriever. He's a doll. So suffice to say we've been spending a lot of time with him. He wasn’t paper trained so we had to show the lil trooper that and finally he has a hang of it! He can fetch and sit a little when he's not so excited to play! He's going to be a smart lil fellow. Here's a picture of my lil man. Awe!

Update on working out is GREAT!! Last week I was only able to work out twice or some crazy shiz like that. However on Monday of this week I amped up my cardio and ran for about 5 minutes in the mix of walking. I had a killer arm day and went to bed feeling quite happy. Yesterday was the same; I increased my cardio and ran intermittently for a total of 20Min. Followed by Chest. I did 3sets of 12reps. I'm supposed to do 2 other chest exercises but arm day was Monday (only for this week) and my arms were already overworked. I felt good though, I had a great burn!!! I'm seeing results more when I run of course and that makes me happy. Cardio cardio cardio= fat loss!!

Once it starts getting warmer I'll be running outside so that'll be great because sometimes I get so bored with the treadmill and stationary bike we have. I LIKE VARIETY! haha So that will be fun, I seriously can't wait until Spring! wahoo!!

So I'm starting a countdown until summer. May15th is the date I want to aim for. I possibly know I won’t get to 130 because well frankly I haven’t been 130 since I don't know when. My best weight was 137 and I looked FAB! However I hit a plateau when I got there and it was frustrating for me so that’s when I feel victim to gaining 30 pounds in a downward spiral. BUT it's Feb.14th and I lost half of what I previously gained and I know I can at least get real close! I'll probably have to retrain and start Pilates and get super in shape but it'll be all worth it. I have a bikini that I've been dying to don on! hawt!

Well I'm out for now, I'll definitely be back tomorrow! ciao~

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Feeling Great!

Hey all!

Progress report for Wednesday is fantastic! I feel great this week, getting to sleep in a little later is suuch a major difference in my routine! Last night Dave and I pounded out leg day, viciously! He did some crazy squats with his free weights and then did some Ronnie Coleman walking lunges. These two exercises are AMAZING for your legs! You can feel the BURN! Even this morning, he's feeling the BURN! hehe! I did my regular leg day which is Leg Press-3sets of 12 reps I finally have the weight at 200! It may not seem like a lot to you guys out there but to me its great and I'll be able to increase that each week! My legs are definitely powerful when they're in shape; I think it's from all the rollerblading I've got under my belt. It's BEYOND amazing to rollerblade for 2 hours on a nice warm sunny morning! Wow, I miss the city only for that reason... More roads!!! I can't rollerblade up here at the new place because there are 3 roads and all are shit... Yeah pure dodo!!

Oh yeah back to leg day, I got wayy off topic there. After leg presses I did 3sets of 12 Leg Extensions then turned over and did another 3sets of 12 Leg Curls which I really felt in my Hamstrings!! This particular leg day for me was probably the best one yet; I had a positive attitude about it and attacked it! I had a great burn all evening and with that comes a smile of satisfaction across my face!!

Tonight is my 2nd least favorite day, Arm Day...(#1 worst exercise is shoulders for me) egh. I mean I love it afterwards when I'm done but it's so helllish during! My arms are so weak and need a lot of work so they tend to want to cry when I work em.. Ah well lets rock it out and get it done!!

I'm out all; I'll see ya tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

So rested and happy

So last night Dave and I went into action and worked out our chest. I had a lot of energy after work and was really into my workout. I think that’s what I needed was a change from the morning to the evening. Winter is death to me and getting up at 6am to workout inside is not as appealing as doing so in the summertime.

Anyhow I couldn't feel better; I'm in high spirits again and ready to tackle week6! Wow! Already eh... Time goes REAL FAST! Oh I forgot to mention Dave and I bought a Simmons Beautyrest MemoryFoam/Feathertop Bed set. Wow. OMG can I just tell you how great my back feels! No tension, no aches!! It's amazing!! We'd been using his old parents set from 15 years ago or so, maybe longer who knows. Yeah it was death to our backs! So on Saturday they delivered it and wow is about all I can say!!! It's so high up I feel like I'm floating... Wish I was there

I wanted to also take this time to talk about how important it is to take a multivitamin. I use a great one from GNC called "GNC's Woman's Ultra Mega." It has SO many great vitamins and minerals!! I've tried looking online for the right one but I only see an American version that frankly sucks ass! haha So go look in GNC at the Champlain mall and I highly recommend this multi! It's amazing! Heres a look at whats inside:


Folic Acid
Pantothenic Acid


Iodine (kelp)

All these listed are vital for a lot of things. Your body needs vitamins to work properly, which makes them some really important substances! Your body uses vitamins to do many things, like help you grow and develop. It needs vitamins to help your blood clot when you get a cut. Some vitamins help us make energy. Vitamins are even involved in making sure you can see in color, the world would look black and white without them!

Monday, February 5, 2007

Change in Routine

Hey all!

So over the weekend I decided to have a lil "tête-à-tête" with Dave in regards to our past work-out week. We both decided it was a write off. Although I kept up with cardio, we both skipped out on weight training because we were completely swamped last week. Sooo we sat down and decided that for the next few weeks we'd change it up and work out at 6pm instead of 6am. We were getting lazy with the morning wake up's and I reallly don't want to fall off track so evenings it is!! I'm more used to after work anyways so I'm hoping to increase my cardio as I have about 20 pounds left to lose in three months! I really really hope I can do it and stay doin it. I think it'll be easier in the summer too because I'll be able to get outdoors and do a lot more things for my body and for that I can't wait!!

I've been taking measurements of my bod off and on since 2003 and It's really crazy to see how many changes my body has been through. I gain so easily its a sin.. Damn genetics! grr! So 2 weeks ago I took out the tape and measured everything, Weight, Neck, Boobage, Waist, Hips, Butt, Thighs and Calves. Not all have high gains or losses but It's nice to do a total body measurement. I should have measured from the start but I honestly was scared too, more scared that someone would find my binder and laugh or something horrific like that.. LOL

So since 2 weeks ago I've lost 2 inches in my waist, 1 in my hips, 0.5 in arms, 1 in thighs and butt. Pretty good considering I've slacked for the most part.

Its Monday now so let's pray that this week's routine gets off to a great start. Chest day is today so wish me luck!


Water -- Essential to Life!

W orks to keep muscles and skin toned.
A ids in weight loss.
T ransports oxygen & nutrients to cells.
E liminates toxins & waste from the body.
R egulates body temperature.

Water is a fundamental part of our lives. It is easy to forget how completely we depend on it. Human survival is dependent on water -- it has been ranked by experts as second only to oxygen as essential for life. The average adult body is 55 to 75% water. About 2/3 of your body weight is water (40 to 50 quarts).

Adults lose nearly 6 pints (12 cups) of water every day. We lose 1/2 cup to 1 cup a day from the soles of our feet. Another 2 to 4 cups is lost from breathing. Perspiration accounts for another 2 cups. Another 3 pints (6 cups) are lost in urine.

"Dry Mouth" is the last outward sign of extreme dehydration. As our bodies try to adjust to being deprived of water, our thirst mechanism becomes disabled. The only time we receive the "dry mouth" signal is as the last outward sign of extreme dehydration. In addition, the thirst sensation gradually decreases with age. The result is increasing dehydration. As we start to give our bodies more water, the thirst mechanism begins to work again, but doesn't become fully apparent until our bodies are fully hydrated. When we are getting sufficient water, we're often thirsty. Dehydration leads to excess body fat, poor muscle tone & size, decreased digestive efficiency & organ function, increased toxicity, joint & muscle soreness, & water retention. Water works to keep muscles and skin toned.

Among its other benefits, water plays a major part in weight loss. Since water contains no calories, it can serve as an appetite suppressant, and helps the body metabolize stored fat, it may possibly be one of the most significant factors in losing weight. Also, drinking more water helps to reduce water retention by stimulating your kidneys. Studies have recommended that if you are overweight according to average height and weight comparison charts, you should add one glass of water to your daily requirement (of eight glasses) for every 25 pounds over your recommended weight.

Friday, February 2, 2007


Well well well... It's been a crazy week to say the least. Work has been hetic and on Wednesday I went to the Snoop concert and fainted from dehydration, spent the next day home and now here we are Friday evening...I've been consistently walking this week but I haven't been weight training. I guess it's been pretty slack and for that I definitely am not getting a gold star for effort. I'm not beating myself up because I have 3 months to lose 20 pounds then after that it's maintaining. I'm super busy at the moment but its the weekend and I want to do a special post about the importance of water tomorrow!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Week 5 madness!

Week five! Another week gone by! This past weekend was a write off sadly to say. Friday I drank...and drink I sure did. When Dave and I got home from a friends birthday party we made a pizza. I had a slice or two I have no idea because I was WAYY drunk. So Saturday comes along and I'm feeling pretty haggard but I suck it up take a shower and get ready for a Scrapbooking party that I was having at 2Pm.

Not so bad you say... Weelll a lot of the girls brought snacks for the party and by this time I was hungry so periodically through the day I'd sneak a handful of chips here, a cookie there. Once everyone left tried to stash it all for Dave but not before I stole a few more bites! eeakk!! I also had so much juice because I was dehydrated from the night before and didn't feel like h2o... egh so I'm not done yet...That night Dave's friend and his girlfriend came over and they made a special batch of brownies which I of course was made to have one because of a special ingredient. So after that sugar rush I crash out and then head to bed I was W-R-O-T-E O-F-F! hahaha

When I woke up the next day I felt rotten! I was wayyy too tired and haggard feeling to move, it was laziness to the extreme! hahah I seriously didn't do much Sunday and then went to bed at 7pm. No, I'm really not kidding. I just wanted the weekend of overeating be over! haha (this is exactly what I said to myself when I jumped into bed!)

So I thought about beating myself over a wasted weekend but I realized where the hell will that lead me? Only down a destructive path to more overeating. The more negative thoughts I get the less I want to eat healthy then I halt working out production and that’s when the vicious cycle starts of procrastination...SOOO I woke up this morning and set out to do a hearty walk on the treadmill. Typically today is rest day but I think I did enough of that this weekend, don’t you agree! haha I did the cardio and then called it a morning because I want to do a cardio/arms routine tonight right after work. I owe it to my body to burn off some extra calories I in took this past weekend....
SO that’s where I am right now. Overall things are progressing nicely. I still get discouraged here and there and want to just stop but then I think again WHY? What's this going to accomplish? Nothing but a muffin top and fat thighs! haha So I keep pushing on!!!!! I will make it!

jour•ney-noun, plural -neys, verb, -neyed, -ney•ing. 1. Passage or progress from one stage to another: the journey to success.

Tuna Steak from Clover Leaf!

I must must must tell you about a new product that I tried. Its called Tuna Steak and they make it in 3 different flavors. The kind I tried was Lemon Pepper and let me tell you I WAS IMPRESSED! I'm a picky tuna eater but this product is amazing!! You can eat it hot or cold (the way i like it!) It's uber fantastico! Pick some up at your local grocery store!!

Here's a blurb from their site:
A source of Omega-3 polyunsaturates, our
Yellowfin Tuna Steaks are pre-cooked, pre-seasoned and available in handy single
serve pouches. They also offer the ultimate in convenience – there is no
preparation required – simply heat and serve. With the addition of a side dish,
you can have a nutritious, quick and delicious meal in no time!
Clover Leaf’s Yellowfin Tuna Steaks are made from premium cuts of Yellowfin tuna, and are
packed in a light marinade available in three mouth-watering flavours: Lemon and
Pepper, Fresh Thai Herb, and Mild Curry. Look for Clover Leaf’s Yellowfin Tuna Steaks in the canned seafood aisle of your grocery store. You’ll be just a few minutes away from a meal that’s great to eat and great for your health!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Week 4 almost done!!

Friday fianlly!! Sorry I haven't been consistant on here lately. Work has been quite busy and I've had a lot of things going on this week..I'm actually home getting ready to go out again! I just wanted to give a little happy update. I've been doing spot on with training and eating as well. Sunday is weigh in and I hope I see some results. Nothing major but a girl can dream :)

Well I'm out, I'll update tomorrow and post more :)

Monday, January 22, 2007

Week 4 Begins tomorrow!

Hey Everyone!

So good news first... I fianlly weighed myself and I'm down 7 pounds since starting this journey and I couldn't be more happier! I'm doing this safely and healthly so I don't regain it all back like most will if they crash diet or liquid diet or whathaveyou. Slow and steady wins the race as they say and 7 pounds in 3 weeks is amazingly good news for me!

I fit into my "2nd phase" jeans again which is SOO nice! I have three phases of clothing. "Fat clothes" (lol), "getting there" clothes and "I'm fianlly there" clothes! haha about 10 more pounds and I think I'll be VERY comfortable in my old jeans again.. I CAN'T WAIT!!

So Saturday was Bicep/Tricep day and Sunday and Monday are rest days. Dave didn't work out with me Saturday so he's doing arm day tonight. I might do some cardio to keep him company. It'll definitely do me good. Cardio= Results!

Oh yeah I wanted to share with you all a pic of my "gym" at home so you have more of an idea how things are set up and whatnot. Sorry for the quality-It's pretty dark but here it is:

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Discouragement Sucks!

Hey all. Well its middle of week 3 and it's been a few days since I wrote because well frankly I've been in a crappy mood. No reasoning behind it besides feeling discouraged. Everyone comes to this point sometime in their journey and it takes some hard dedication to keep on motivating yourself!

When putting yourself out there and letting people know you’re on a diet and exercise plan sometimes it can blow up in your face. Here's my reasoning behind that. There is and always will be people who don't want you to succeed in anything you do. Why? Who knows? It's frustrating because I'm feeling vulnerable at this stage in things. If I get sidetracked by negative energy and thoughts I get HIGHLY discouraged. Last night on the way home from work I nearly broke down because I thought for sure I was out of steam and was going to give up. HOWEVER I didn't. I used that anger to do some leg workouts! =P

So Here’s what went down so far (since we changed the workout schedule)

Sunday-Monday are rest days, I didn't work out but I did go for a nice walk outside.
Tuesday morning we skipped but worked out in the evening it was Leg day.
This morning was chest day.

Dave has been skipping out a lot of workout days because of work and I think thats why I'm losing some steam. This morning he stopped halfway through because he wasn't feeling well. Kinda sucks because I get very unmotivated if I'm alone but I'm still hanging out and doing well. I've been noticing small subtle changes but nothing to get worked up about. I say a few more weeks and I'll be quite content! Here's hoping that I maintain my integrity!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Almost Week 3!

Well Hellllo Blog,
Before I go on I must say that having a blog has been maybe one of the more important aspects of this journey. I'm able to post anything I'm feeling and look back at it for constant motivation when I lose some steam. I highly recommend blogging to anyone who is reading this and wants to or is already on a journey for themselves. It's definitely a great tool!

--This week has been a little messed up rotation wise. We started a new workout routine because we both agreed it was best to work out 5 days instead of 3 so we changed things up and it's been a little of a sore week. Yesterday was back day and I was by myself because Dave was up until 12am working and had to get up at 6:30am to work more so I went at it alone fearing the worst but unexpectedly it was great! It was nice having him in the living room and awake instead of sleeping. I did a steady 20 minutes of Cardio making sure that my heart beat stays high in the 150's the whole time.

Speaking of cardio, I came to the conclusion that it will always be my bitch and something I hate so I commit myself to 20minutes each morning. So 20 minutes x 5 Days a week= 100Minutes of cardio a week. That’s like 500% better then what I was ever. So I think me and 20minutes are staying there until im fit enough to add some more elements!

So getting on to today. Dave again had a similar night then the night before so he was out today but fear not, tomorrow is the weekend and I'm making him SWEAT! Haha!
-- I did about 25 minutes of cardio this morning because I wanted to do shoulders with Dave on the weekend since I knew I'd need him to help me a bit. I just seriously hate shoulder day as you've probably came to the conclusion of by now. haha. It’s just death day to me. So yeah I did 15 minutes on the bike working at a higher intensity and then I scooted over to the treadmill and did 10 minutes. 5 of walk, 5 of run. It's always good to do different speeds on a treadmill because it changes up the speed of your heartbeat. It's true, read about it!

Sooo I think that’s about all for now. I'm on Day 6 of the Recleanse and haven't gone off the bandwagon. Jan12th and I'm still movin on.. Each day gets easier and easier! For anyone reading this stuck in a slump, just give it 3 or 4 days and you'll see each day becomes better and easier! Good Luck to you all and have fun with it, be confident!! YAY I'M A SAP! haha! Peace!

Picture Post V1.024

On todays menu, some added motivation!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Cycle 2 Started today

So week 2, cycle 2 of my routine started this morning so we're back to chest day. AND BOY DID IT HURT. I forgot just how much pain went into gettin back my body... Shhesh you let a year pass and it all goes to hell! haha of course though I'm cool with it. I don't think I've been more positive in my whole life to tell you the truth! I think the detox affected me more than I thought. I'm on Day 4 out of 7 and I feel VERY good about myself. Something I always lacked. So here we are January 10th, no cheat day no cheat meal no nothing and I feel fantastic.. wow.. has someone taken over my body and mind??

Heres a picture of the groceries Dave and I did this week.. 350 dollars later *gulp*