Thursday, May 10, 2007

Food: The Good, Bad and Ugly!

Hey all! I told you I'd be back!! Tonight is class and we have 3 newcomers!! haha I love when we spread the addiction... otherwise known as Step Class! Whee! So today we have myself, Helena, Kate, Angie, Renee, Tara, Kara, Jess and her sister. Makes me so happy! haha no idea why but it's SO much FUN!

So today I said I'd talk about my "diet". Reason why it's in quotations is because calling anything a diet these days and you'll surely fail in your endeavors. If you consider it a life change or a new way of thinking then you're all set. It took me 2 years to not think of it as a diet. So its kind of a hard transition if you're stubborn like me. BUTTT once you get the hang of it day in and out it comes second nature. Experts say that losing weight is 80% diet and 20% exercise and I for one BELIEVE this VERY MUCH! I see first hand how eating clean can make the world of difference, exercise is just icing on the cake.

In a nutshell I try to eat very clean, follow the Canadian food guide as much as I can and drink 2-5 liters of water a day. Milk, tea and non sugary drinks are included in this. One HUGE tip I follow to a T is my sodium intake. SALT IS DEATH on your bod when you're trying to lose weight. I bet most of you don't realize how much salt you intake in the run of a day. One single Kraft cheese slice has 500mg of sodium!! My daily recommended intake is between 1500-2200mg. So if you factor everything you eat in a day that cheese slice is going to BLOAT your ass! haha I try to read labels as much as I can. I check for sodium, protein and saturated fats. High protein low saturates is amazing... Things to avoid are PROCESSED FOODS! This includes frozen dinners (they're traps-try and find LOW SODIUM ones) Lunch meats and processed meats are a no-no as well. Try getting lean cuts of meat like chicken, ground beef (extra or lean) turkey breasts..etc. Eggs and fish are also amazing to add for protein!

More tips include not eating anything after 7pm (especially carbs!), drinking green tea (this will help flush excess salts), eating the majority of your carb intake in the morning/mid afternoon. Try to eat 5-6 small meals a day calculating that to 300-400 calories per meal. Also try and have protein included in each meal. ALWAYS eat breakfast!!! I say this to everyone. It's where you get most of your day's energy.

Anyhow, I hope these tips have helped. If you plan your meals this also helps A LOT! I usually make a menu so i can stay on track better! Remember if you fall off the wagon don't kick yourself in the ass, it happens! Just cut 500 or so calories the next day and drink lots of water. Stay positive and know that you can do this!! I did it and I know that if I can do it ANYONE CAN... And I’m seriously not just saying that... I love CARBS like chips, breads, pizza, fries... BAD STUFF but i do allow a treat on weekends. DON'T DEPRIVE yourself or you'll get so hungry that you'll binge one day and cry about it the next.. haha ok ok so that’s what I do but it CAN be avoided!!! STAY POSITIVE!!!!! I can't stress that enough!!

Well I'm out, see you all tomorrow!!!!

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Crazymrsnancy said...

Hey there,

Kate gave me the link, I have one more spot to 'stalk' you, blame k8 :P hehe

I just read your blog from the beginning and WOW! Congratulations on your amazing progress!! You look absolutely amazing and you inspired me. I've been trying to lose weight since Jan 1 (-35 so far.. but I'm really not giving it my all lately) and I had quit smoking but fell off the damn wagon. Just reading about your successes and overcoming obstacles has motivated me to push myself again!

Congrats on loving step class, I STILL think that yall are LYING :P I cannot conceive in my mind the possibility that I would someday find it anything less than excruciating torture LOL But I'm hoping that in a few months I'll be fit enough to be able to go try out one of those famous step classes with you guys (and be able to follow along and not make a fool of myself ! hehe) :)