Wednesday, May 9, 2007


jour·ney-noun, plural -neys, verb, -neyed, -ney·ing. 1.Passage or progress from one stage to another: the journey to success.

Ok wow... so... I'm back from a long hiatus and I must say I'm super sorry that I haven't written in months. Well basically I'm sure I lost all my followers because it HAS been so damn long. Why you ask? Well I guess it comes down to procrastination and being so damn busy with work. haha hey I'm being honest, that must count for something right? lol

Anyhow you must all be wondering (wait who am I kidding no ones reading this) how I am and how much I've been working on my goal... I'm pleased to tell you *drum roll please* I'm currently at 134 pounds!!! Can you fricken believe that!! 4 pounds to my goal!!! No seriously I can’t believe it either. Last time I weighed this was honestly before high school. Soo like 11 years ago. THAT’S INSANE!! 2 years ago I was at 137 and then I plateaued and quit because I was frustrated and too lazy to intensify my workout. See that’s the issue with me; I would hit a road block and give up almost instantly. I've now learned that if I fall off the wagon and have a juicy hamburger or some luscious chips that I don't have to feel like I ruined 4 months of training in 1 night. I just shrug it off and eat SUPER clean the next few days.

So you may be wondering how I shed 30 pounds already.. cause to some that in itself is a monumental task to undertake. The secret is......STEP CLASS... Well for me anyhow. Helena (my loyal gym bud-love her!) brought me to a class and from then on I was HOOKED! I seriously could write 49 million pages on how much I love this new form of exercise I’ve encountered. I actually crave working out now, and to me that’s like Chinese gibberish.. I never would have said that EVER before! LOL but now i look forward to Mondays and Thursdays just for the fact that I get 1 full hour of intense cardio and weight training without even thinking of it as a "chore". Once exercise becomes fun you want to do more and more and more. Because now we're taking on.... running! haha can you believe this?? We're training for a 5K that’s taking place this June, so next month! WOW! I'm up to 2K without stopping and it gets easier each time we run. I really love it! My goal is 10k by next year. I'm sure we can pull it off!! We'll be in tip top shape by then *fingers crossed*

Anyhow that’s the short version of what I've been doing lately. We still hit the gym between step class and my goal is to step up weight training because since step class, I’ve kind of slacked on that part. The gym can get boring if you've just gotten off a step class high! hahaha if that makes sense!!

That’s all for today, and I promise I'll write more! Now that I've bookmarked this and made a post it, I'll definitely keep up with my blogging.. I swear! Really.. come back and see!! hehe
More to come tomorrow!!! I'll talk about my "diet"

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