Thursday, February 22, 2007

Changin it up for week 10 and onwards!

So I'm currently on week 8 right now and well things are progressing... but slowly.. Lately I've been a tad unmotivated to work out at our place because well there's only 2 cardio machines and one of them looks like it was made in 1872 and the other is the stationary bike which doesn't give me much of an upperbody workout. SOoooOoo starting probably week 10 Dave and I are going head to the gym.. That's right, we're movin on up. Dave's friend Austin goes to Body FX a local bodybuilders gym and he's going to train with Dave. They trained a few years back and Dave was pretty beefy! haha I came home from Katimavik after not seeing him for 4 months and he was HUGE! Very Zexy! I'm either going to go there with my friend Helena or she and I are going to go to Gymnasia, a gym by work with lots of awesome equipment and a tanning bed.. Oh yes how I love to tan. I go maybe 1-2 months a year tops. Nothing extreme, just a little confidence booster if you ask me! mouahaha!

We did a few groceries last night and it was awesome. I got 5 of those Tuna Steaks I blogged about a few weeks ago and got a wicked deal on 36 bottles of water at Costco. Went to the Superstore and found these cottage cheese/fruit cups that have 15Grams of Protein in a small cup. Only 120 calories and 1.5 grams of fat!!! Talk about a healthy snack. Too bad the sodium levels were at 23% (daily total recommended). Not too bad but still a bit high. ah well man 15G's of protein counter balances that!!! haha

Well I'm still really busy with work so I'll leave it at that for today! See ya'll next blog!! Ciao~

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