Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Week 8 has begun!

So week 8 already....wow! Time certainly flies! I've been so so so busy with work that I really havent the time to keep a daily progress on this blog but I'm sure in a week or so work will quiet down again and I'll be back to my regular blogging addiction! haha

So last week was great I stepped up my cardio and I certainly feel a difference. OH AND I have FANTASTIC NEWS! I finally broke into the 140's. I'm currently at 147!!! Wahoo!! So starting weight:163 current weight:147 which is a total loss of 16 pounds!! WOWZA! I have 17 more to lose so I'm halfway there!!!

I've been through ups and downs, hi's and low's all over the map but one thing is for sure, I'm so so so so happy to be where I am now. Even at 147 I'm happy, fit and more confident. Once the summer comes I'll be able to shine through more.. oooh yes sun=greatness. I love the sun. So nice and so warm.. wheee I hope Spring comes soon!!!!!!!!!

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