Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day!!

Hey all!!

Sorry it's been so long since I wrote, we've had a lot going on lately and I've been far too busy to write. Last week we got a new addition to the house, an 8 week old male golden retriever. He's a doll. So suffice to say we've been spending a lot of time with him. He wasn’t paper trained so we had to show the lil trooper that and finally he has a hang of it! He can fetch and sit a little when he's not so excited to play! He's going to be a smart lil fellow. Here's a picture of my lil man. Awe!

Update on working out is GREAT!! Last week I was only able to work out twice or some crazy shiz like that. However on Monday of this week I amped up my cardio and ran for about 5 minutes in the mix of walking. I had a killer arm day and went to bed feeling quite happy. Yesterday was the same; I increased my cardio and ran intermittently for a total of 20Min. Followed by Chest. I did 3sets of 12reps. I'm supposed to do 2 other chest exercises but arm day was Monday (only for this week) and my arms were already overworked. I felt good though, I had a great burn!!! I'm seeing results more when I run of course and that makes me happy. Cardio cardio cardio= fat loss!!

Once it starts getting warmer I'll be running outside so that'll be great because sometimes I get so bored with the treadmill and stationary bike we have. I LIKE VARIETY! haha So that will be fun, I seriously can't wait until Spring! wahoo!!

So I'm starting a countdown until summer. May15th is the date I want to aim for. I possibly know I won’t get to 130 because well frankly I haven’t been 130 since I don't know when. My best weight was 137 and I looked FAB! However I hit a plateau when I got there and it was frustrating for me so that’s when I feel victim to gaining 30 pounds in a downward spiral. BUT it's Feb.14th and I lost half of what I previously gained and I know I can at least get real close! I'll probably have to retrain and start Pilates and get super in shape but it'll be all worth it. I have a bikini that I've been dying to don on! hawt!

Well I'm out for now, I'll definitely be back tomorrow! ciao~

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