Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Feeling Great!

Hey all!

Progress report for Wednesday is fantastic! I feel great this week, getting to sleep in a little later is suuch a major difference in my routine! Last night Dave and I pounded out leg day, viciously! He did some crazy squats with his free weights and then did some Ronnie Coleman walking lunges. These two exercises are AMAZING for your legs! You can feel the BURN! Even this morning, he's feeling the BURN! hehe! I did my regular leg day which is Leg Press-3sets of 12 reps I finally have the weight at 200! It may not seem like a lot to you guys out there but to me its great and I'll be able to increase that each week! My legs are definitely powerful when they're in shape; I think it's from all the rollerblading I've got under my belt. It's BEYOND amazing to rollerblade for 2 hours on a nice warm sunny morning! Wow, I miss the city only for that reason... More roads!!! I can't rollerblade up here at the new place because there are 3 roads and all are shit... Yeah pure dodo!!

Oh yeah back to leg day, I got wayy off topic there. After leg presses I did 3sets of 12 Leg Extensions then turned over and did another 3sets of 12 Leg Curls which I really felt in my Hamstrings!! This particular leg day for me was probably the best one yet; I had a positive attitude about it and attacked it! I had a great burn all evening and with that comes a smile of satisfaction across my face!!

Tonight is my 2nd least favorite day, Arm Day...(#1 worst exercise is shoulders for me) egh. I mean I love it afterwards when I'm done but it's so helllish during! My arms are so weak and need a lot of work so they tend to want to cry when I work em.. Ah well lets rock it out and get it done!!

I'm out all; I'll see ya tomorrow!

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