Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Discouragement Sucks!

Hey all. Well its middle of week 3 and it's been a few days since I wrote because well frankly I've been in a crappy mood. No reasoning behind it besides feeling discouraged. Everyone comes to this point sometime in their journey and it takes some hard dedication to keep on motivating yourself!

When putting yourself out there and letting people know you’re on a diet and exercise plan sometimes it can blow up in your face. Here's my reasoning behind that. There is and always will be people who don't want you to succeed in anything you do. Why? Who knows? It's frustrating because I'm feeling vulnerable at this stage in things. If I get sidetracked by negative energy and thoughts I get HIGHLY discouraged. Last night on the way home from work I nearly broke down because I thought for sure I was out of steam and was going to give up. HOWEVER I didn't. I used that anger to do some leg workouts! =P

So Here’s what went down so far (since we changed the workout schedule)

Sunday-Monday are rest days, I didn't work out but I did go for a nice walk outside.
Tuesday morning we skipped but worked out in the evening it was Leg day.
This morning was chest day.

Dave has been skipping out a lot of workout days because of work and I think thats why I'm losing some steam. This morning he stopped halfway through because he wasn't feeling well. Kinda sucks because I get very unmotivated if I'm alone but I'm still hanging out and doing well. I've been noticing small subtle changes but nothing to get worked up about. I say a few more weeks and I'll be quite content! Here's hoping that I maintain my integrity!

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