Friday, January 12, 2007

Almost Week 3!

Well Hellllo Blog,
Before I go on I must say that having a blog has been maybe one of the more important aspects of this journey. I'm able to post anything I'm feeling and look back at it for constant motivation when I lose some steam. I highly recommend blogging to anyone who is reading this and wants to or is already on a journey for themselves. It's definitely a great tool!

--This week has been a little messed up rotation wise. We started a new workout routine because we both agreed it was best to work out 5 days instead of 3 so we changed things up and it's been a little of a sore week. Yesterday was back day and I was by myself because Dave was up until 12am working and had to get up at 6:30am to work more so I went at it alone fearing the worst but unexpectedly it was great! It was nice having him in the living room and awake instead of sleeping. I did a steady 20 minutes of Cardio making sure that my heart beat stays high in the 150's the whole time.

Speaking of cardio, I came to the conclusion that it will always be my bitch and something I hate so I commit myself to 20minutes each morning. So 20 minutes x 5 Days a week= 100Minutes of cardio a week. That’s like 500% better then what I was ever. So I think me and 20minutes are staying there until im fit enough to add some more elements!

So getting on to today. Dave again had a similar night then the night before so he was out today but fear not, tomorrow is the weekend and I'm making him SWEAT! Haha!
-- I did about 25 minutes of cardio this morning because I wanted to do shoulders with Dave on the weekend since I knew I'd need him to help me a bit. I just seriously hate shoulder day as you've probably came to the conclusion of by now. haha. It’s just death day to me. So yeah I did 15 minutes on the bike working at a higher intensity and then I scooted over to the treadmill and did 10 minutes. 5 of walk, 5 of run. It's always good to do different speeds on a treadmill because it changes up the speed of your heartbeat. It's true, read about it!

Sooo I think that’s about all for now. I'm on Day 6 of the Recleanse and haven't gone off the bandwagon. Jan12th and I'm still movin on.. Each day gets easier and easier! For anyone reading this stuck in a slump, just give it 3 or 4 days and you'll see each day becomes better and easier! Good Luck to you all and have fun with it, be confident!! YAY I'M A SAP! haha! Peace!

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