Monday, February 5, 2007

Change in Routine

Hey all!

So over the weekend I decided to have a lil "tête-à-tête" with Dave in regards to our past work-out week. We both decided it was a write off. Although I kept up with cardio, we both skipped out on weight training because we were completely swamped last week. Sooo we sat down and decided that for the next few weeks we'd change it up and work out at 6pm instead of 6am. We were getting lazy with the morning wake up's and I reallly don't want to fall off track so evenings it is!! I'm more used to after work anyways so I'm hoping to increase my cardio as I have about 20 pounds left to lose in three months! I really really hope I can do it and stay doin it. I think it'll be easier in the summer too because I'll be able to get outdoors and do a lot more things for my body and for that I can't wait!!

I've been taking measurements of my bod off and on since 2003 and It's really crazy to see how many changes my body has been through. I gain so easily its a sin.. Damn genetics! grr! So 2 weeks ago I took out the tape and measured everything, Weight, Neck, Boobage, Waist, Hips, Butt, Thighs and Calves. Not all have high gains or losses but It's nice to do a total body measurement. I should have measured from the start but I honestly was scared too, more scared that someone would find my binder and laugh or something horrific like that.. LOL

So since 2 weeks ago I've lost 2 inches in my waist, 1 in my hips, 0.5 in arms, 1 in thighs and butt. Pretty good considering I've slacked for the most part.

Its Monday now so let's pray that this week's routine gets off to a great start. Chest day is today so wish me luck!


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