Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A sad week to report :(

Wow! So did I ever have a bad last week.... I just seemed to have lost all the steam I was gaining and came to a real low. It was uber hard for me to get back on track but luckily I did yesterday; I'm back to my healthy eating and exercise regime.

It all started with a yummy Barbeque and spiraled from there. Drinks, shopsey 1/4 all beef hot dogs, more drinks and chips (Which I looove) salty beef jerky. Then to add on top of it all we have a bake sale at work and I of course have a grand ole time with that event! haha 50 dollars later I have lots of breads, pies and goodies.. Plus more but wow, I shall stop there its mildly depressing! *groan*

I literally was back to my old eating habits within hours of gorging down that friken hotdog! I never felt so defeated! I kept trying to pull myself out of it but couldn’t until yesterday. I know ALL of you have moments like this and some more often than not. That’s how I was for a complete year and a half; I couldn’t pull myself out of this destructive path! I'm not going to lie it takes a lot of energy to get yourself back up there but even after 1 workout and a day of good eating, I'm back on track again and I know you all can do it!!! I have faith!!!

So, I have to share with you an exciting new form of exercise I've been starting: Trampolining!! We have one of those huge ones that could entertain a kid (or kid at heart) for hours!!! We set it up last year but I was so bent out of shape I was like meh, exercise smerxersize and went on my merry way. WEEELLL was that a bad idea! Chris and Dave (thanks again boys) set it up this past weekend and yesterday I was on it for like 30 minutes and it was an amazing workout!!! I was so energized afterwards that I went inside and worked out my Biceps/Triceps on the Bowflex! Now this is something I can get used to eh!

Check out the amazing benefits it can do!!! Amazing read!!

Here's a blurb that made me want to stick with this:

Trampolining is a great holistic health giver, bringing both physical and
mental benefits to adults and children alike. In comparison to jogging, for
example, trampolining is more effective, faster: with a ten minute session
providing equivalent benefits to a half hour run, yet, says NASA, also being 68% more effective!

Like.. for real?? It was so fun I didn’t even mind being out there!!

So that’s all for today folks! Hope you enjoyed your weekend! Oh and don’t forget to Keep Fit and Have Fun!!! Hahah!

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Melissa said...

Oh Nancy I hear ya, I went up 5 pounds and am working hard to get it back off!! wow, takes forever to lose it and 1-2 days to gain it all back eh. Effin GEEZE!