Friday, May 18, 2007


Well hello Friday! Best day of the week, prelude to the weekend! I keep hearing on the radio about this upcoming "long weekend" and see it in the newspapers but frrrrriiiiig it's not a long weekend for us at Infi... Damn them for rubbing it in my face!! Other than that sadness, it's been dreary weather wise and to me that’s dangerous. Why you ask? Weeelll it's because my mood reflects HEAVILY on the weather. If its crappy out, it's more than likely that'll I'll be brooding around the house looking forlornly out the window hummin and hawin. This kind of weather can really bring someone down!! For me if I can muster enough energy to get up on that treadmill, or don on a pair of sneakers and do some aerobics; then that’s a MAJOR triumph! Once I’m done I have this giddiness that I achieved something I never thought, I call it a major high! Then after than I can sit down and watch T.V with a smile on my face. Otherwise I'll sit there battling with myself all day/night over why I should exercise then lazily say why I shouldn’t but in the end once it's done its done. 30-60 minutes depending on your fitness level is all you need! That’s NOTHING when you break down your whole day! Ask yourself what really is the reason why you don’t want to work out... Being lazy never accomplishes anything and I had to learn that the hard way... Oh wait, I accomplished GAINING 30+ pounds.. BOO to that!!

So I was going to post a comparison pic but my friend has it on her pc at home and she keeps forgetting to send it *shakes fist* hahaha so I'll post this one here of my tummy. I see my abs are under there waiting to come out... hehe!

It doesn’t matter what size you start at and what size you want to get to, we all have one common goal. The hardest part is staying loyal to your plan but in the end it all pays off!! Just 5 months ago I was 30 pounds heavier and I had no energy, now I have more energy than the bunny himself!!! So I PROMISE if you’re true to yourself and stay on track you too will have a success story!!! I wish you ladies and perhaps some gentlemen all the luck!! If you have questions, comments leave me some lovin! I’d love to get interactive with you all. Share some of your stories too!! Or you can email me at

Later!!! As Joanne and Hal say, Keep Fit and HAVE FUN!!!!!

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